Coloring 2016

Gingerbread Coloring Sheets 2016 Simply click on the image  and print for your personal use. Please send this link to the page to your friends and family so they can print their own. 922Saturdays Gingerbread Coloring Pages Have a Great time coloring and be sure to post on instagram  with the  #922SaturdaysColoring  hashtag.  I will be sure to check them out.   Sign up to receive The Saturday Report–  a monthly update with the top projects we have found for you. Enter your name and email address … Read more Coloring 2016

Get You Markers Ready Gingerbread Coloring Contest

Coloring contests have long been one of my Mom’s go to projects for those times when she needed a few minutes of peace and quiet.   This happened pretty regularly when my cousins were spending the day or a few days with us. The rules were to go and color quietly , then when you were done mom would pick a favorite.    This was some  MAMA MAGIC. It worked like a charm with at least a couple of us each time.  I think my … Read more Get You Markers Ready Gingerbread Coloring Contest

Gingerbread Craziness-

I found a few more of our gingerbread houses that I wanted to share. California Dream Cottage This first one is more of a California look with the flower decorations, the lacy curtains from crackers and the GREEN grass.   those crispy butter roof tiles were a bit of a challenge to apply without breaking. CAUGHT IN A BLIZZARD I love this one we had a storm blow in and had placed this house outside to get a picture in the snow. We left it for … Read more Gingerbread Craziness-