Pickles –Glowing Green Jars in the Basement

  I love when the little cucumbers show up at the farmers market.  I love to make a quick pickle that is still crispy.  I like the almost instant gratification of having fresh crisp pickles in the summer a day or 2 after I cut up and brine the cucumbers.   I use a brine pretty close to this one from Food Network.  I like dill so I add more and sometimes I leave the garlic out completely.   My mom made sweet pickles that took … Read more Pickles –Glowing Green Jars in the Basement

Are You Ready for the Summer Olympics Play Date Planner

Has your family caught Olympic Fever?   I am looking forward to a few events over the next 3 weeks. As a former swimmer love to see all the swimming events but I also like the opportunity to see some of the less popular sports too. It is early morning TV on the pacific coast so I  should catch a few  clips at least of the shooting (medals are awarded days 1-9) and synchronized swimming (days 11 and 14 are medal events). Schedule The games in … Read more Are You Ready for the Summer Olympics Play Date Planner

Pokemon Play Date Planner

It seems that the Pokemon Go app has taken over the world.  Well at least I have noticed that even my work colleagues are talking about it so I decided to do some pinning and make a great Play Date Planner for you. Getting Outside Hopefully you have had the chance to  explore some new places looking for those elusive characters. Recipes I found lots of sweets that are on the board cookies, cupcakes and some amazing decorated cakes as well.  But I found these and wanted … Read more Pokemon Play Date Planner

A World of Ingredients Found in One Amazing Cookie

A chance to read a fun book and do some cookie baking is a perfect activity for when you have an extra hour. READ & LEARN This is one of my favorite books to read to my kiddos to get them interested in where there food comes from.  All in Just One Cookie by Susan E. Goodman and Illustrated by Timothy Bush  is a great introduction to the ingredients we use in baking.    As the Grandma and Grand-kids gather the ingredients the to make … Read more A World of Ingredients Found in One Amazing Cookie

Bubbles Play Date Planner

As a morning  project to get everyone up and going I love to head to park after breakfast and blow some  bubbles. Big Bubble Solution I have had good success with this recipe but it can be a little touchy.  I mix it the night before so it has time to set.   Aa humid day to keep the bubbles from drying out too fast.  You can add 1 to 2 Tablespoons of glycerin to help strengthen the bubbles. It is magical when it works and fun enough when … Read more Bubbles Play Date Planner

Baking Pretzels for Fun Food Friday

I love to make yeast breads and baking in general.  I started cooking and baking in 4-H when I was 9.   I remember learning to knead bread with a piece of dough that was about the size of a sweet potato. My 4-H leader was really good about making sure we had the basic technique first. Then we could refine the skills to make blue ribbon products.  This seemed like a perfect Fun Food Friday. Making yeast bread Yeast breads and baking are allot of … Read more Baking Pretzels for Fun Food Friday

Fireflies….Overnight Visitors Kit

I am always looking for fun and simple ways to entertain kids. Especially when family or friends come to spend the night on a road trip.  Living in Central California with space for a family to stay makes a night at Amy’s great stop over on the way to tourist attractions.   A new house a few years ago brought the opportunity to have families come to visit. In addition to investing in twin size airbeds, sheets, and towels; I knew I wanted to make a basket … Read more Fireflies….Overnight Visitors Kit