Simple Science to Amaze Your Nieces & Nephews



These 3 tricks will amaze your family with just a quick stop at a convenience store and you are all set.

Floating M’sm&m's are printed with an ink that floats when you add water

Supplies: Glass, M&M’s and water.

Place a few M&M’s in a glass with the M’s facing up.

Add water to cover the M&M’s by  about 1/2 inch.

Watch the colored shell melt and then the M will float to the top of the water.

This one takes some time so set it up in one glass and let it do its thing while you do the other 2.

Skittles- See the rainbow.  Skittles are just one of many fun and freaky candys that transform with water

Supplies:  Plate, Skittles and water.

Place the Skittles in a circle on a plate then add warm water slowly to the center of the plate.

The color will dissolve off of the candy immediately. (Just like it does to those sticky fingers.)

Rescue the Dime from the puddle with out getting your finger wetdime-rescue

This was one of my Dad’s favorite tricks. It still makes me laugh remembering how my cousins were amazed by this one.

Supplies:  Dime, glass,  plate, water, paper napkin or tea light, and a match or lighter

The set up is to place a dime on the side of a plate leaving space for your glass to be set on the plate.

Then add water to just cover the dime.

Now you tell the kids they can have the dime if they can pick up up without getting their finger wet.

(OK a dime may not be enough of a bet so up the ante a bit to a dollar)

To get the dime; light the candle or napkin then place it on the plate and top it with the glass upside down.

The science: As the air pressure drops in the glass the water is pulled into the glass and away from the dime.



Amazing.    OK now you may have to hit Pinterest to find some more tricks.


Hope you have  fun with your family.


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