Fun Food Friday- Desserts Kids Love

This week desserts kids love is the Fun Food for your Friday. After thinking about the fun we have had making fireflies.  I thought I should share a few desserts kid love for that first night. I like to have a little fun with kiddos saying we are having dirt and worms, palm fronds or maybe some flowers & grass. You just never know what we may have. Dirt and Worms Pudding Cups Of course the dirt and worms are really cups of chocolate pudding topped with crushed … Read more Fun Food Friday- Desserts Kids Love

Hurry Up Clean Up. We have things to do.

When I moved into this house I was so happy to have a little patio area off the dining room.  I set up a bistro table thinking this will be the perfect place for a bit of reading and breakfast on lazy weekend morning.   It was in a new development so the neighbors had all just moved in. One Saturday a couple of months later it was time to have a relaxed day at home. There were no big moving chores to do and work … Read more Hurry Up Clean Up. We have things to do.

The Food Entrepreneur Course

  I want to share a quick back story.  In the last 30 days and  922Saturdays,LLC. were launched from a little idea to a live website and business.  I know that there are many great things to come.   I have always  told people I am just not an entrepreneurial type. Well this spring I knew that I wanted to do more in my life.  I needed to connect with people and share my ideas & belief that the greatest gift is time.  Also I want … Read more The Food Entrepreneur Course

Fireflies….Overnight Visitors Kit

I am always looking for fun and simple ways to entertain kids. Especially when family or friends come to spend the night on a road trip.  Living in Central California with space for a family to stay makes a night at Amy’s great stop over on the way to tourist attractions.   A new house a few years ago brought the opportunity to have families come to visit. In addition to investing in twin size airbeds, sheets, and towels; I knew I wanted to make a basket … Read more Fireflies….Overnight Visitors Kit


922Saturdays is all about helping you to make the most of your Saturday’s. When you think about childhood, Saturdays were filled with fun times with Family and Friends. Most kids have about 922 Saturdays before they graduate from High School. I want to share the ways I make the best of those days with My Kiddos. This will become the place to come to for ideas to fill those precious hours with great things to do and learn. Since we also have to do the adult … Read more Welcome