Marbles and gravel

Now that you have the big rocks in it is time to add in the marbles these are the recurring events that make your family run smoothly.  These are the mini green pig pong balls.

Including birthdays, holiday travel and hosting, sports seasons, and planned spending.

Gravel or ping pong balls are the goals that require focus and planning these are the things that you must do to meet those further put goals.  This can be lessons, savings goals, or researching options.  These are the mini goals that are the landmarks on the path.  If Europe 2020 is. Your family goal then saving money, making plans, and some basic knowledge are all critical to making the most of the trip.  You can go as far as mapping out the trip and assigning a country to each kid. If the cost of the trip is the big barrier put the total needed on a sheet and have a monthly goal and report- no you do not need to have it on your refrigerator for all to see but have it somewhere that you can drop an extra few dollars in that gets added to the main account each month.  

If a new couch is the goal same thing this teaches kids the value of money and how adults think and work toward goals.  If a green belt or home run is the goal the same thing applies communication is key.  

Now our container is looking pretty full but take 52 blue pompoms drop these on top then put on the lid and shake.  Those blue pompoms are your Saturdays this year- remember to make the most of them.  Now add a few more hand fills of pompoms and shake them in to the jar.  It will take a lot of pompoms to fill the jar. But R.E.M. re the more you add the more you can lose sight of the big rocks, marbles and gravel these are the things you have decided matter most to your family be sure that you keep your focus.  
Limiting your goals to one to 3 at a time is the best for learning and success.  Adults can have career, and personal goals that work with family goals. Kids should have a personal and an educational goal that support the family goals.  

While a formal jar of  goals or binder is great it is not required informal discussions will work to but the writing and recording makes it more real and increases your chances of meeting those goals.

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