Hurry Up Clean Up. We have things to do.

DSCN1441 (2)When I moved into this house I was so happy to have a little patio area off the dining room.  I set up a bistro table thinking this will be the perfect place for a bit of reading and breakfast on lazy weekend morning.   It was in a new development so the neighbors had all just moved in.

One Saturday a couple of months later it was time to have a relaxed day at home. There were no big moving chores to do and work was calm.

About 10 minutes into relaxing, the neighbor’s daughter opened the door and starting shaking out their throw rugs.  The plume of dust drifted back in her direction and she coughed.

But it was her mother yelling. “Hurry Up, Clean Up! We have things to do!”

That made me laugh.  I am sure when the mom saw the dust  coming back in the house she was even more discouraged; but all I could think was how glad I was that I did not have to spend Saturday cleaning house.

Mom’s Mission to Get the House Cleaned Up

I remember many Saturday mornings growing up when my Mom was on that same mission to get the house cleaned by 10:00am.  We hated getting up and cleaning.   Our bedrooms where our job. She did not worry too much about them as long as they were mostly tidy and we were not having guests.  She tried a few things to make it more bearable.   One of her tricks that I still use sometimes is a drawing.  It seemed less painful if you got to draw the tasks out of a bowl on the dining room table.


The Drawing-

She would take a piece of paper and list all the chores.  Some were the same every week and she did not fuss about the dusting happening after vacuuming. If it got done that was all that really mattered.   Other were seasonal or more involved they counted as doubles.  As we got older the chores got bigger.  Always added in a few fun ones also like 10 minutes free time or grab a treat and have a seat for 5 minutes. Then she quickly cut out the strips, counted them and folded them so we could not see the words and put them in the bowl.  She would assign each of us a number of tasks to complete by 10:00 am and we were off to clean house.

It would start as a race but then you would hit a tough one and the others would catch up.  Mom drew tasks and cleaned right along with us checking our work as she went.

The egg timer came out when our take a seat time seemed to stretch too long.  We found little ways to cheat the system but the result was a clean house and we all learned all the chores.

I have a printable version for you to try.


How do I avoid the “Hurry Up Clean Up” on Saturdays?

I have found that I like to clean by zones.I have my house divided into 3 zones.

Zone 1 Bathrooms just get them all done at once.

Zone 2 is Working these are the rooms (laundry, kitchen, entryways) that see the most mess and get a bit of attention each night. Laundry loads in the morning and dishes at night. Wednesday morning is trash day and grocery shopping is on Wednesday night.

The last zone Living is big but as long as things are picked up each night it is not to bad this is bedrooms, living room, dining room and hallways.

Sure some days I feel like the house is never clean.  Your house is your haven and as long and you are happy that is what matters.

I have found a few other great ideas that moms use the avoid the “Hurry Up Clean Up”  they are on the House is Home – 922Saturdays Pinterest board.  (I love the chores for hire idea)

What clean up chores do you love and hate?   I am all about the laundry but my baseboards need a major dusting.

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