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Apple Harvest Time Play Date Planner Roundup

Apple Play Date Planner Kitchen, Lab, Studio and Orchard

With fall in the air and back to school in full swing it is a great time to have some fun with a Play Date Planner all about Apples.

Getting Outside

Of course if you have an apple orchard nearby this is a great trip for Kiddos of all ages. Cider and pies with a few apples to pick and some fall leaves almost begging for  family photos.  I love this scavenger hunt to take to the orchard with you.   But if you are not close to an orchard you can still have some fun outside with apple projects. I love the  food on a string game with apples tied to strings. Then have the kiddos try to get a bite, without using their hands.  The other option is to go to a farmers market or grocery store to pick up a variety of apples to use for projects these projects.

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 In the Lab Apples Food Science and Evaluations

For the science part of this one  I  wanted to include science projects that were good for  8-11 year olds and maybe a little older.

Pick up several varieties of apples so we could talk about the differences in the varieties. I love this approach to a taste test and evaluation of different apples from Sarah at Little Bins for Little Hands has lots of great STEM projects. This apple slicer works great to cut the apples in to even sized slices for tasting.

photo credit: little bins for little hands
photo credit: little bins for little hands

The extension that I can think of the this one is to  cook a piece of the apple and record the cooked texture.  I cooked a couple slices of each apple for [1:30] seconds in the microwave then let them cool for a couple minutes.  Then bite into them and record the texture of the flesh of the apple.  For both raw and cooked the terms to use to describe the texture are:






Food Science Play Date Planner


I found Jonagold, Honeycrisp,Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Gala and a couple of local Pink ladies for our tasting.  This  lead to a discussion of what would be the best way to use each apple.  If you need a cheat sheet this apple fact sheet from Monica at the yummy life is the perfect one.  She  combined all the best information on how to use various apple varieties into one  handy printable.

For older kids or a little chef it would be great to try out a combination of apples in a recipe.   A combination of sweet and tart make a cake more interesting,  in a pie you want a blend of textures.

This Visual Guide to Apples from epicurious is another great apple variety resource.

Kitchen yummy Caramel Apple options

While my favorite pie of all time is an apple pie the weather in California is just to warm for baking.   So I have developed a love of caramel apples they are just the perfect fall treat.  Check out Fridays Fun Food Friday  for another twist on caramel apples.  I love these dressed up slices  from craftberrybush they look like a great thing for tweens to try out and make some fun combinations.  She has great tips for making these dessert bar style for  total customization.carameappleflavourscraftberrybushThis fruit pizza looks like a great option too.  It has all the great flavors a cream cheese frosted sugar cookie topped with crunchy fresh green and red apples, sticky caramel and crisp toasted pecan pieces.  YUM!  Be sure to use a softer sugar cookie for this not a crispy one it will not hold up well to slicing.

the gunny sack caramel apple pizza
photo credit thegunnnysack

Crafts and Drawing in the Studio Today

For crafts there are a few great apple craft round ups that I posted on the Apple Play Date Planner Board.  There is a great variety of projects so you can find ones that fit the things you have on hand and the interests and skill levels of your kiddos.

Kathy Barbro at Art Projects for kids has a the best tutorials.  I can look through her site for the longest time.   This one is for how to draw the bushel of apples seen below.  I did the drawing since I did not have a kiddo handy.  I gave myself 30 minutes and the use of my favorite markers to make this one.   In  kindergarten my favorites were crayons.  I remember making a big red apple and coloring it all in on my first day of kindergarten.  I know the kiddos would like to have the guide for making the drawing.   They are actually doable projects that bring out your inner artist.  Even when it is really buried deep in you.

Apple Drawing Play Date Planner

Apples and Worms seem to go together in the Studio that is

My Dad used to always ask what was worse than finding a worm in an apple?   Finding half a worm.  I am not sure why that still resonates with me today. When I am having a rough day I always think, well it could be worse.   Making these cupcake boxes cut with the Cricut and decorated with a little bright green paper and a gummy worm of course are a great way to hide some treats or use as a fun decoration.

Apple Cupcake box Apple Play Date Planner

This little banner with wormy apples, it would be perfect on a mantle or in your kitchen for a hint of fall.

apple banner with worms cricut

Nothing makes a bad day worse than finding half a worm in your apple- Check out the paper worms… Click To Tweet

I am loving the lacing projects lately.  The added challenge of making a pattern and maybe adding in a variegated or  textured yarn could make this one paper plate apple  engaging.


photo credit: kid things
photo credit: kid things

 Apples are at their best in the fall so enjoy them now and save a few for later too.

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