Fun Food Friday Hard Boiled Eggs

After an exceptionally busy week, I thought I would give you a few eggy  Fun Food Friday Pinterest links. boiled egg art

These little hens would make a perfect addition to a summer salad.  I love the carrot combs. The instructions that Charity gives are really good for cutting them. is a great site for other Fun Kids Foods too.hard-boiled-egg-hens-foodlets

I also found these little hatching chicks that cracked me up.   Love those spindly legs. Beth at Hungry Happenings has some awesome ideas for having fun with your food.

I did not even notice that the feet were E’s until I looked at her instructions brilliant. I need to get some mini alphabet cutters now.  The shredded wheat to put them on is also a super idea.


I  thought this cute nest of jicama and carrot strips would be a great way to serve halved eggs.  My kiddos are not big fans of deviled eggs but will eat the whites and then I just load up the egg salad sandwich mix with the yolks and they eat it all without realizing it.  While these plate on  were more about the art I thought this would be a great way to introduce a new vegetable if they have not had jicama before.


The delicate radish ears actually make these mice look cute. I am not a fan of mice but this little plate of mice is quite adorable.  These are found on the great vegetarian site Gourmandelle.


While I have been sweating away in the 100F weather this week I can not help but think of snowmen and I love these eggmen that Roxy from Roxy’s Kitchen has made.  I a need to get some sharp paring knives for all the carrot carving in this post.Egg-Snowman-29

I hope you have  a chance to have some Fun with your Food this Friday and have a great Saturday planned.

Photos from the listed Websites.

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