Aquarium Trip and Fish Play Date Planner Roundup

I made this Fishy Play Date Planner  for the day after a day at the Aquarium it is important to reinforce the things that they saw and learned about.

With the Movie Finding Dory fresh in their minds the kiddos were excited to go to the aquarium to see a Dory fish.   I am lucky that we can make a day trip out of a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  This is certainly not something everyone can do  (I grew up in the fly over states) but if you get a chance to go to one take that opportunity.  I remember being mesmerized by the Vancouver aquarium when I  visited it just before 7th grade.    I will never forget the octopus crawling through the impossibly small hole in a plexiglass tank divider.

The website has a number of videos and lots of information for kids that want to take a deeper dive or just want to see pictures of the real Dory fish (palette tang) or my favorite Sheldon (yellow seahorse).

Fishy Play Date Planner Projects & Activities

We  decided to paint our own Dory Fish on canvases for the kiddos to take home.  They  did a great job and this was fun for all ages from 9- almost 3.  The middle ones used a photo and a bit of mom’s help to get a shape down.  I helped almost 3 with his by loading up the brush with  yellow for the fins a couple of times but his dabbing of the blue paint looked  great and who doesn’t love wiggle eyes. Our-Dory-Fish-Paintings

photo from
These  moving fish from Karokotak are so easy to make and they are great for practicing scissor skills.


I love all the  woven fish pins on Pinterest but wanted to make a pattern on the cricut that you could cut and use for weaving the strips are just 8 1/2 inch  paper and the fish is cut out of a 12×12 sheet.  These are on top of a  printable pack that can be used with rainbow colored fish crackers from totschooling. they have some fun ideas.  I did have a bit of fun with the black fish  giving him a hounds-tooth weave over 2 under 1. I know should have used white strips.  This is great pattern practice too as the kiddos get older.


This is small enough to fit in a gallon size bag. It is a perfect In the Bag Project for a time when you need to keep hands and brains busy with little effort on your part.

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I also love to have kiddos make things with legos   playing creationary is so much fun to see what they make.  These ocean critters from  furgalfun4boys are a great way to recreate the animals found at the aquarium.

photo credit:

Fishy Play Date Planner Snacks & Lunch Ideas

I think making some breaded fish bites would be a perfect lunch after all these fishy activities.  This photo makes me want to go make these for dinner tonight. The tarter sauce is so good too.  I may just have a fish sandwich for lunch tomorrow with it.  This is a step up fromfish sticks. This is a perfect recipe to get the kiddos involved  in helping. There is nothing too precise and no hot oil just oven baking.    I also find that when they cook it there is an investment in the meal and more willingness to try things.

This is another place were glovies come in handy so they do not have to touch the raw fish or raw egg.  Set up a breading station so that you keep one hand  dry and one hand  wet.  It  is easiest to use your dominate hand for  breading so got left to right for  right handed and if you are a lefty like me set up right to left.


photo credit: cooking and beer
photo credit: cooking and beer
These fish bites from @cookingandbeer are a perfect for our Fishy Play Date Planner Click To Tweet
photocredit: Beth thefirstyear
I love these decorated graham crackers they work great for a variety of ages and allow for a lot of designing or very little.  I found this on  written by Beth.   The sand is graham cracker crumbs but some brown sugar would work too.  The sprinkles as sea plants is super fun too and I have some nerds leftover from our  aquarium desserts that would make some coral formations too.

There are a whole SCHOOL of ideas and super fun projects on the pinterest board Fishy Play Date Planner

There are a whole SCHOOL of  projects on the Pinterest board Fishy Play Date Planner. Click To Tweet


Have you been to an aquarium?  What is your memorable moment from the trip?

Fishy PDP pin

Hope you try some of these Fishy Projects.  Also check out the link party on tatertots and jello.


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