No Black Friday Shopping, we make Candy Houses

Making Candy Houses on Black Friday is our tradition.  We have made the build it kits for years and have tried lots of different kits and added candy and edibles to the kits. The biggest trick is to use the royal icing and let the house set up a bit before you pile on the candy. With little kids it is best to go with the pre-built kits or build them a few hours ahead of time then let them decorate.   With smaller houses … Read more No Black Friday Shopping, we make Candy Houses

Scarecrows Outstanding in the Fields Play Date Planner

Scarecrows are one of my favorite fall icons. They are just a fun addition to all the pumpkins and can be up for the whole fall season.  There are a few cute crows that made there way in to these projects too.  Most of the studio crafts are for the preschool and early elementary crowd.  The  kitchen section is perfect for a bit older kids and upper elementary  kids will have fun building a scarecrow.   Kitchen  We had a lot of fun making these scarecrows. … Read more Scarecrows Outstanding in the Fields Play Date Planner

5 Ways to Mummify Your Meals #FunFoodFriday

One more week until Halloween weekend. I am loving all the great Halloween foods Instagram. Today for Fun Food Friday I decided to show you  5 techniques to mummify your meals.  Some of these Mummy Foods  are from few of my favorite blogs. I hope you can take these ideas and make a Yummy Mummy meal for your kiddos. “Frosting” with a ribbon tip Saturday breakfasts seem to be a great time to have a little family fun.  Weekend  mornings seem to be a perfect time to make something a … Read more 5 Ways to Mummify Your Meals #FunFoodFriday

I Want Mummies – Fun Food Friday

I have made a few variations of this sandwich loaf but this one is my favorite.  I am sure that some tomato sauce pepperoni  and mozzarella  will be used for the kiddos with the other half of the dough. Making this basic braided loaf in to a mummy is a easy as pulling the strips across more straight.  I like using olives for the eyes in this one. Big green ones just seem perfect cut in half stuffed with pimento or garlic are perfect! For … Read more I Want Mummies – Fun Food Friday

Pizza Pot Pie Fun Food Friday

Sometimes you go to a restaurant and leave knowing that you want to remember what you had for dinner forever. Usually it is something about the food or the people you were with that keeps all of the details of the meal something you cherish.  This Friday’s Fun Food is that for me. I was at an industry conference as a student years ago in Chicago. As a group of  food scientists in training we wanted to go to some fun dinners, as a group … Read more Pizza Pot Pie Fun Food Friday

Frog in a Pond Fun Food Friday

These “Frog Leg” Sandwiches make for a fun Green meal.  Actually the Frog Legs are Chicken Crispy Strips but since Frog meat “tastes like chicken”   I figured chicken was a good substitute.  The long tongue needed a fly so some olives were cut up.   I am usually looking for ways to eat the rainbow but an all green theme seemed like a better idea for this Fun Food Friday.  Adding some Steamed Green Beans and Fresh Broccoli adds some texture and veggies to … Read more Frog in a Pond Fun Food Friday

Loaded Caramel Apple Nachos Fun Food Friday

I love caramel apples but they are hard to eat and the toppings just fall off.  I think that is why they are a great fair food a few dropped toppings no big deal. But when I make them at home the caramel and coatings just are not the same.  So I make a twist with another favorite food Nachos. To start core an apple then slice it in to 1/4 inch slices and cut into quarters for optimal loading with  toppings.  Keep your apple … Read more Loaded Caramel Apple Nachos Fun Food Friday

Remember when Twinkies went away Fun Food Friday

Well this week has been CRAZY so I thought I would hop on with super Fun Food Friday.  I had several late nights this week.  So I am relying on my fellow bloggers for this Fall time Fun Food Twinkies edition.  I hope you enjoy these creations.   I know that some of you have been back to school for ages. But some schools are still starting up. Instagram is still full of kiddos wielding chalkboards with dreams of fun careers. So I figured I could sneak … Read more Remember when Twinkies went away Fun Food Friday

Fun Food Friday Grilled “Frogs”

FROGS ON THE GRILL When I first saw these Frogs on Pinterest I thought no way could I make them actually look like frogs on the grill but with just a couple of tries and some quick tips I made frogs on my grill.  Try it out the key is to not cut away that much pepper to begin with. Also get peppers that are  big and have 3 bumps on the bottom.   I was surprised at how quickly  they came together.  They will look funny on their backs on the grill but … Read more Fun Food Friday Grilled “Frogs”

Rainbow Pretzel Wands FUN FOOD FRIDAY

We made Rainbow Pretzel Wands earlier in the week you may have seen them on Instagram.   The rainbow airheads were the inspiration.  They make very cute cupcakes that are on pinterest but we wanted to  play with melting chocolate and pretzels and had some rainbow nerds to use up.   Rainbow wands with  fringe were the perfect solution. The metal dough scraper worked really well to cut the rainbow strips. Add this to your pinterest board for later. ONE MORE THING : Join the Fun … Read more Rainbow Pretzel Wands FUN FOOD FRIDAY