So often we get  bogged down in the day today that we can lose sight of those big goals.  I remember seeing the awesome list on a family I babysat for s refrigerator. The it was the family goals for the current year then 3 and 5 year goals.  I want to encourage you to take some time in this week or next to talk about the big rocks the big things your family wants to accomplish in 2017. It also where you want to be in 2020 how is that only 3 years away.  I made a couple of printables for this so you can pencil them in or even better give everyone a stack of sticky notes the 2×2 size or the flags work great and let everyone claim some goals.

Some ideas for big rocks are life events graduations, big birthdays, vacations, financial goals, loan pay offs, and those personal achievements too.

Start with the big things one for each month then work up and down.
As you dig into this use the idea of Smart goal setting I will have more on that tomorrow.

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