Back to School Fun Food Friday

Fun Food Friday- Back to School you go

Back in May when I was  scrolling through Pinterest and saw this adorable watermelon apple I knew it would be a great Fun Food Friday.  Well it is back to school week and  as the saying goes life gets in the way.  I did not get mine made this week so I am sharing with you the original photo from petitphant.

petitphant apple with worm

There are no directions but I think the worm is made from a  strip of honeydew melon.  The eyes are wiggle eyes but I would use the icing ones.  I love the little kiwi fruit leaves too.   This post has a number of cute food ideas.

While I was looking for some fun back to school ideas I found a few  great ideas from some other bloggers to share with you.

Waffle Pencils

These frozen waffle and toast pencils are a great first day of school or yeah it is FRIDAY breakfast idea.  Kara at the made these with her 4 boys.  I love the erasers.  Such super fun idea.  I am thinking that the teen kiddos would enjoy all the cut off pieces too.

photo credit: thejoyof
photo credit:

Sweet Treat Pencils

I also found these fabulous pencils  that  Keri made for her blog  Check out her post for a few great tips on how to  make these.  (Hint: Dipping is not the best way) I love that they are just 3 ingredients and could be an easy project for an older kiddo to make for the younger ones.

photo credit:
photo credit:

Chocolate Pretzel “Apples”

Apple Pretzel Bites for the Teacher
photo credit: twosisterscrafting

These are a perfect “apple” for all the chocolate lovers with a pretzel base.  This one is not only cute but  satisfies that need for sweet and salty.   Nancy at twosisterscrafting has great directions for melting the chocolate just enough to hold in the pretzel and stay soft enough to get the mini M&M’s in place.

Hop on the Bus Gus

For a final  treat this  sandwich bus is so cute.  It would be a super fun surprise in a lunch box or as an after school snack this was created by Keeley McGuire and has a lot of allergy free options too.  I love the crust bumper it is a great use for that often discarded piece.

photo credit: KeeleyMcguire

Are your kiddos in school already or counting down the end of summer vacation?

Back to School FFF pin

Hope you have a chance to try these out.


Have a Super Saturday!


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