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Most kids have about 922 Saturdays before they graduate from High School. I want to share the ways I make the best of those days with My Kiddos. This will become the place to come to for ideas to fill those precious hours with great things to do and learn.

922Saturdays is all about making the most of your Saturday’s.

Since we also have to do the adult things in life. There will be a smattering of ways to make your life run in a way that allows for the free time to spend a Saturday with YOUR Kiddos and loved ones.

I know you will find that there is allot that 922 Saturdays can bring to the Table- through  Science Experiments, Craft Projects, Family Meals,  ideas for making your House a Home, Outdoor Fun, and reasons to Get Together.

If this resonates with you or to share your excitement or ideas for guest posting or collaborations.

email me at amy@922saturdays.com  or join the community in the sidebar.






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