Where did 922 Saturdays come from?

I have a passion for helping adults connect with Kids.  Most kids from birth to high school graduation have about 922 Saturday’s.   So I want to make the most of them.
When I look through Instagram, Facebook and other social media feeds. I wonder how much of life is curated, rather than lived.Baby plants

Sharing Ideas

I want to give you solid ideas that do not need elaborate planning or extreme costs.  I have a few kits to share that will give you a lot of things to  try with your own kid and grandkids or for when you find yourself with the chance to connect with a kid.

Ready to transplant

Growing up Saturday’s were family days.  I grew up with the traditional Mom, Dad and a baby brother.   Mom worked in town 8-5 M-F. I was very active in 4-H and loved all the opportunities it gave me.    My little brother loves to tease me that I liked Graduations he had to endure 3 of them for me.   Beyond High School Graduation I have AS, BS and MS degrees.   Due to work I did not attend my MS graduation. Now I work for a large company and manage a group of people for my day job; which I truly love.

I have chosen to identify the various Kiddos in my life by their age at the time of the event.  This is both to assure their privacy since they should be able to make online personalities of their own when they are old enough.  This will also serve as a guide to help you decide if your children would be in to it, the smaller the kid the more interaction.

Engage and Participate

I want to be clear that I stay right there and really engage so if you think that some of the activities are too advanced remember that an adult is with them.  I am managing the amounts and mixing to assure that we are safe, acids and bases can be fun to play with but only with caution.

I find that establishing good practices and few rules early on makes it easy to try lots of new things. I have a no bleeding and no choking “rule”.  Really that is a just reminder to use caution and think before you taste or smell anything.


We also have a clear distinction between food and science.  If we are making something to eat we work in the kitchen or at a table that has been cleaned up (food first then science).  Science and art are often done outside or in the garage to further the distinction and control the mess.

First tomatoHave Fun

I have had the opportunity to spend time and play with a number of families and want to help you to make the most of your 922 Saturdays with kids both your and those you get to the privilege of getting to know.  It is a privilege when friends and family let you come to their house or come to yours so that you can have a great time with their families.  I have a unique insight in to how several families are making it work for them and I make every effort to be one of the Kids.

Enjoy the Relationship Perfect tomato sandwich

Awesome Tomato Photo series photos  by Kaboompics.com


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