9 Tips for More Painting with Kids and Less Mess

9 tips for less painting mess9 Tips for Painting with Kids

Kids love to paint and parents find it messy and stressful. After a few misguided painting adventures I have a few tips and tricks to ensure everyone can have a great time.   Painting is a great for kids there are so many little and big skills that are learned and practiced with this type of fun project learning.    Use these tips for more painting with kids and less mess for all.

  • Flannel backed vinyl table cloth.

    It covers and protects your table. For clean up they are easy to wipe down or ball up and take out on the lawn  or if it is a really messy day then it is easy to replace.  The light party table clothes are cheaper but they are too easy to rip and do not hold up to lots of  use.

  • Messy shirts

 T-shirt one size too big or just make sure everyone is in play clothes.

  •  Lots of brushes

 I keep my brushes in this cut out water bottle so they can get the size and style of brush they want.

 Also I clean brushes as we go so it they can swap brushes with colors. See the other Sweet Treats projects here.sweet treat painting

  • Paper towels or napkins

There will be spills just be prepared after all we want more painting  and less mess.

With just a little water and a paper towel to dry the brush off.

When they get soupy just swap them out or give them the paper towel treatment.* Simply  place a couple paper towels over the whole tray and absorb the soupiness.

Then move to washable paints and then acrylics.Washable paints are the best for little kiddos but as they learn we move to acrylics, water colors and then oil paints for tweens.  It is all about learning what you are using and older kids can take care of their supplies too.

These make controlling the amount of paint much easier and also allow for blending.

They have a wide base that is more stable. They can be washed and kept with painting supplies .

Keep water in sport top bottles to limit spills.

  • Use good materials

Once they have some basics down it is great to have them paint on a canvas (get them on sale at the craft store or amazon)  This is a great chance for some sketching and planning.  I like 8 x 10 canvases since they are a size kids are used to seeing and using for drawings.   A few  pencil guidelines and let them have at it.   These paintings  on canvas were so fun for the kiddos. This was part of a Play Date Planner post the one on the left was done with the toddler.  The twins are 6  the top left one needed some help with the shape so she got some guidelines  while hew sister (middle) used a card from a match game as a reference and the bottom one was  work of the 9 year old.  Our-Dory-Fish-Paintings9 tips for reducing the messiness of painting with kids. Click To Tweet

  • Join in,  paint with the kids.

     Clean up just the spills as you go. Then when they are done everyone cleans up.  This makes much neater painters the next  time.

    BONUS TIP:  Display your kids art or share it with family and friends.  I love getting and sending little paintings.

I hope you find these tips and tricks helpful.  This would make a great painting kit for a kid present or for a trip to visit family.

Let me know what tips you have for more painting with kids and less mess for all.

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CLICK HERE to get the one sheet with these tips and a couple BONUS tips too.

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