There are about 922 Saturdays from when a child is Born until they Graduate from High School. At 922Saturday’s we want to help you to make the most of those Saturdays and the ones in between too. We will focus on the Kitchen where Family Meals and Fun Foods are made. The Lab is the Science Center that will help you to engage through science with kids. Finally the Studio is the place were all the Art & Craft Projects are found along with many Family Activities. We … Read more

Marbles and gravel

Now that you have the big rocks in it is time to add in the marbles these are the recurring events that make your family run smoothly.  These are the mini green pig pong balls. Including birthdays, holiday travel and hosting, sports seasons, and planned spending. Gravel or ping pong balls are the goals that require focus and planning these are the things that you must do to meet those further put goals.  This can be lessons, savings goals, or researching options.  These are the … Read more Marbles and gravel


So often we get  bogged down in the day today that we can lose sight of those big goals.  I remember seeing the awesome list on a family I babysat for s refrigerator. The it was the family goals for the current year then 3 and 5 year goals.  I want to encourage you to take some time in this week or next to talk about the big rocks the big things your family wants to accomplish in 2017. It also where you want to … Read more Bigrocks

Your Greatest Holiday Built from Proven & Improvised Activities

Think about your childhood what was the best thing you remember about the Holidays.   These Great Holiday  Memories often are the Traditions we pass down through the generations.  I often wonder if the little things my parents did were built from proven longstanding traditions or improvised activities. Traditions are abundant in the Holiday Season.  There are 101 things to do lists.  Just the pressure to have a family photo that is square for instagram, ready to print in landscape for cards and makes a … Read more Your Greatest Holiday Built from Proven & Improvised Activities

Get You Markers Ready Gingerbread Coloring Contest

Coloring contests have long been one of my Mom’s go to projects for those times when she needed a few minutes of peace and quiet.   This happened pretty regularly when my cousins were spending the day or a few days with us. The rules were to go and color quietly , then when you were done mom would pick a favorite.    This was some  MAMA MAGIC. It worked like a charm with at least a couple of us each time.  I think my … Read more Get You Markers Ready Gingerbread Coloring Contest

Little Gift Ideas- Stockings will be Quickly Stuffed

It seems like every year I get down to the end of the shopping but then I need a few little gifts.  You know the ones that you need to balance out the totals for various kiddos.  Or the Stocking that is a bit under stuffed.   These are really great year round options for gifts too. Games Family games are always a hit in my family. Finding games that work for a variety of ages and are fun with a bit of education are … Read more Little Gift Ideas- Stockings will be Quickly Stuffed

Gingerbread Craziness-

I found a few more of our gingerbread houses that I wanted to share. California Dream Cottage This first one is more of a California look with the flower decorations, the lacy curtains from crackers and the GREEN grass.   those crispy butter roof tiles were a bit of a challenge to apply without breaking. CAUGHT IN A BLIZZARD I love this one we had a storm blow in and had placed this house outside to get a picture in the snow. We left it for … Read more Gingerbread Craziness-

Last Minute Paper Houses Cut, Fold and Glue for Advent

I am loving these little paper houses, from an illustrator whose work I love. Delphine Doreau  created these as  25 little houses as  free downloads on her blog . They are in sections of 3 per day after the first one.   Please respect her artistry and use these for personal use only. I have printed them almost every year, to make them with one of the kiddos.  These are easy to print, cut and glue. They are perfect for filling with treats and making a village. … Read more Last Minute Paper Houses Cut, Fold and Glue for Advent

No Black Friday Shopping, we make Candy Houses

Making Candy Houses on Black Friday is our tradition.  We have made the build it kits for years and have tried lots of different kits and added candy and edibles to the kits. The biggest trick is to use the royal icing and let the house set up a bit before you pile on the candy. With little kids it is best to go with the pre-built kits or build them a few hours ahead of time then let them decorate.   With smaller houses … Read more No Black Friday Shopping, we make Candy Houses

Happy Thanksgiving the Ultimate Family Holiday

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Celebration no matter how big or small it is.  Enjoy the time with Family and Friends. It is the year to follow that age old advice of not discussing  politics or religion at a  meal. Instead talk about and record some of the great family memories from this year and years past. Share these 3 things: Name the thing or person you most thankful for this year? What was your favorite day in the last year? Looking ahead, what do you want to accomplish … Read more Happy Thanksgiving the Ultimate Family Holiday

Simple Science to Amaze Your Nieces & Nephews

  These 3 tricks will amaze your family with just a quick stop at a convenience store and you are all set. Floating M’s Supplies: Glass, M&M’s and water. Place a few M&M’s in a glass with the M’s facing up. Add water to cover the M&M’s by  about 1/2 inch. Watch the colored shell melt and then the M will float to the top of the water. This one takes some time so set it up in one glass and let it do its … Read more Simple Science to Amaze Your Nieces & Nephews